How to Win Roulette – Betting an Outcome Won’t Repeat

There are people who say the roulette wheel has no memory, and those that believe if a certain dozen, street, or single number has appeared a number of times, it is less likely to appear again. In my opinion, whatever you personally think, you are probably right. I am a big believer in that what you believe in can influence the outcome, so I tend to avoid discussions about whether past spins influence future ones. You will have to do your own research and come to your own conclusion about that. However, whatever you think about past spins influencing outcomes, you probably won’t deny that it is very unlikely that a sequence of results is likely to come up twice in a row. For example, if the winning lottery numbers on Friday’s draw were 1,6,12,35,36 and 47, it is probably extremely safe to say these numbers together will not be drawn again on Saturday. This system can be modified in many ways – it is nothing new – but in my gambling circles where most pros tend to have a few systems they pick to play from depending on various hunches, surprisingly few players use it, which is quite surprising when you consider how effective this can be.

Simple Winning Strategy Steps

First you need to record four spins. For our example we will say the numbers 1, 5, 18 and 36 came up. this translates to 1st dozen, 1st dozen, 2nd dozen and 3rd dozen, or 1,1,2,3. So, our next four bets will be:

Bet 1: On the 2nd and 3rd dozens

Bet 2: On the 2nd and 3rd dozens

Bet 3: On the 1st and 3rd dozens

Bet 4: One the 1st and 2nd dozens


Once that batch of spins are done, you just look at the last four numbers, see what the corresponding next dozens are, and repeat. See the screen recording below of me playing this system on a demo account at Dublinbet – which uses Vuetec software and by the way is the only online casino platform I truly trust as you see the dealers spinning the wheel real time. I know there are other live wheels out there, and feel free to use any casino you wish, but I personally always play at Dublinbet. You can read why here.

Typically, I find I am one unit up every four spins. So if I bet 1 euro on each dozen, after 4 spins I am 1 euro up. Playing at Dublinbet, and using 1 or 2 euro chips, I can usually earn about 4 or 5 euros in 5 minutes, though during busy hours this is slower, as the croupier might only make one spin every two minutes, as opposed to about one spin per minute when the casino is empty. This works out to around 50 to 60 euros an hour during off peak hours, which could mean you want to increase your stake slightly depending on how much you want to earn per hour.

However, I must stress, this is not a system I sit and play for an hour without stopping. Just about all my working systems work because I go in, and I go out.I usually play for five minutes, log out, do something else, and go back a bit later and repeat the process. You will have to test to see how this works – you can play in demo mode on Dublinbet, and I always make full use of that when playing new systems, and you should too.

Instead of counting in sets of four spins, you can just look at the number that came up four spins previously, and play continuously till you are about 5 euros or units up (See image). So each time you make a bet, look at the 4th number on the list, and bet on the two dozens this number does not appear in. So in my example pic below, the fourth number is 25. I bet on the 1st and 2nd dozens. My next bet will be on the 2nd and 3rd dozens as number 1 came up.

This makes tracking very easy as you just count four down the recent results list and bet the two dozens that the number is not contained in. But rather than just telling you to do that, I wanted to tell you why. You are basically betting that a set of four spins will not land in the same order, on the same dozens, as the previous four spins.

To make this system really work for me, I start of with the lowest possible chip, and increase my wagers slightly after a loss. I do not have a distinct amount or progression in place, but if I have a couple of looses in a row, increasing your bets slightly can help you recover, as with this system you will have more losses than wins. Knowing how much and when to increase your bets really is a matter of instinct and practice, so make sure you make the most of the Dublinbet demo play and are confident you can win before playing for real cash.

Remember to make good money with this simple system, set your session goals low, play until you win several units, have a short break, then log back in and repeat. Over a day or week, your winnings can add up quite significantly.


To learn this simple winning roulette system exactly, watch the quick video below of me demonstrating on the demo play at Dublinbet. Remember to read my advice on where to play online roulette post before you sign up at a casino where you do not stand a chance of winning.

I do recommend keeping as low a profile as possible, so personally I don’t go above about 50 euros a day in any one casino.  I also limit my play to about 2 hours a day in a single casino. Low and regular is the way to go if you want to make a living gambling.


Tip: Click the full screen icon on the bottom right hand corner of the video to see more detail.