Dublinbet Review: Read What a Professional Gambler Has To Say About Dublinbet

There are five online casinos I regularly use, because I like to spread my earnings out a little to keep under the radar. I prefer to not win any more than 50 euros a day dublnbetfrom a single casino as this can bring attention to an account, and casinos have the right to suspend your account for any reason they wish, including because you win too much too regularly. Of the five casinos I use on a daily, or near daily basis, Dublinbet is my favourite. You won’t find too many negative points about Dublinbet.com in this review, but you are likely to find info you may not find elsewhere, so carry on reading.

A Word About RNG Online Casinos

If you are looking for a review on Dublinbet, you are probably already aware it is an online casino that offers live dealer wheels as opposed to using RNGs or Random Number Generator software. When playing at online casinos, you will find most of them use RNG software. According to Wikipedia, “A random number generator (RNG) is a computational or physical device designed to generate a sequence of numbers or symbols that lack any pattern, i.e. appear random.” In other words you are playing against a program that will randomly spit out a number as the winning result – kind of similar to a bingo machine, if you like.

However, it is quite safe to say in a real life casino, there are several factors that make the wheel and the resulting numbers not quite random. These include the person doing the spinning and the wheel itself.

Always Play at Live Online Casinos

I have met a number of gamblers who like myself, make a living at playing roulette and other games online, but I have never met ANYONE who wins more than they lose playing RNGs. This is rather strange, because “insiders” say RNGs are less random than real spins because of casino gaming laws that state RNG software must imitate real spin likely outcomes and averages. For example, if a wheel is spun 100 times, you would expect about half of those spins to land on red, and about half to land on black. Therefore system players like myself would have an easier time playing longer sessions at an RNG table. So why, if you start playing a fairly safe system and your bank is slowly and predictably rising, does it all of a sudden without fail, go pear shaped when playing RNGs? This does not happen without fail at live dealer tables. Yes it can happen, but just as many times it does not, providing you stick rigidly to the rules of your system.

One common theory is that once the online RNG software program realises you are winning, it will switch to another program within it’s varied range – thus ruining your chances of the play having some sort of predictable outcome over a certain amount of spins. For this reason, I don’t recommend you use any RNG casino, but stick to an online casino that has real live dealers, spinning in real time. Looking at this criteria, you won’t find a better live online casino than Dublinbet. Now, that you know what is the difference between live dealer casinos and RNGs, let’s get to the nitty gritty of why pro gamblers love Dublinbet.

Pro Gambler’s DublinBet Review – Begins Here

Dublinbet Online Casino is the perfect site for anyone who loves to play the tables and the whole casino atmosphere, but who doesn’t have time to visit a regular casino, or who like myself, simply prefers playing online. Logging onto Dublinbet gives you the chance to visit the world-renowned Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club in Dublin, without leaving your home. Residents of any country that legally permits online gaming can play at Dublinbet, however be aware they work with Euros; so all pay-outs are made in this currency. (Unfortunately, due to Spain changing legislation in an attempt to tax online casinos, Dublinbet can no longer accept deposits from a Spanish bank or signups from a Spanish IP address, so if you are in Spain read my post where to play online as a Spanish resident).

Dublinbet Company Information

While I am not positive, and did not start using the site myself till 2008, Dublinbet was quite likely the first online casino to introduce live dealer wheels in 2005. The games are streamed from the “Fitz”, the famous Fritzwilliam Card and Club Casino located  in Dublin’s city centre, and more recently also from The Palace Hotel and Casino in Douglas, on the Isle of Man.

The long-distance technology used by Dublinbet allows players to play remotely on a wide range of casino games offered at the tables of these establishments. Thanks to the uniqueness of the locations, and how the software is set up, Dublinbet offers what I believe is the most authentic casino experience online.

Dublinbet is owned by UK-based Vuetec Ltd., a company that develops technology to stream games from real life casinos, and regulated and licensed by the IOM Gambling Supervision Commission in the Isle of Man.

Dublinbet Game Choices

A dublinbet review wouldnot be complete without a description of the games. All the most popular casino games are featured on Dublinbet: as well as Roulette you can play Baccarat, Blackjack, and the increasingly popular Texas hold ’em poker. There is also a video poker game and Keno, plus a  choice of almost 30 slots. These are fun to play, but of course you are relying completely on luck when it comes to playing slots both offline and online, and beware, because slots can become very addictive.

One of the things I do like about playing at Dublinbet is the fact there is no software to download onto your PC, no spammy popups or permanent reminders telling you to fund your account in order to qualify for such and such bonus. You do need to make sure you have the latest version of Java installed in your browser, but once  you have updated (your browser will alert you if you need to do this) the casino will load in a new window of your browser with just a few clicks of your mouse, making it ideal even for those who are a bit challenged when it comes to doing new stuff online.

I do play at a few other online casinos with live dealers, simply because I believe it is necessary to spread your earnings around and not attract the attention of any one casino. However one thing that I noticed with all casinos with live wheels, with the exception of the VueTec platform, is the so-called dealers are kind of tacky, i.e. they are wearing low-cut tops, made to hold unnecessary cards up, and welcome each new player to the table as though the customer had entered a hostess bar on the search for a bit of a good time.

Dublinbet is not like this at all – as the dealers are trained croupiers working at a brick and mortar casino, and do not have the technical means to speak to remote players in a condescending way or otherwise. The only time they will even acknowledge you is to perhaps give a half smile if you leave them a tip, Similar to the experience I would expect in my local casino. I have never entered a land casino to have a half dressed dealer simper over me as though I was some drunk half wit, even on the occasions I have been a drunk half wit, and I don’t appreciate in an online casino either!

Although the visual streaming is excellent to engage the visitor in a real-life casino experience, it must be said that some other online gaming platforms provide better graphics than VueTec. However because I am visiting the casino to win money and not to watch a movie, this is a small detail that I can easily ignore. Dublinbet are continuously adding new features to enhance the gaming experience, and overall you won’t find a better site to play on, even if the picture quality is not 100% perfect, the audio and visuals are more than adequate for our purpose.

One thing to point out is the time needed to reach your target bank. As a professional gambler as opposed to someone who plays for fun, I look at how much I earn per hour of my time, just as you probably do when you apply for a job. Playing at Dublinbet during the hours there are few punters at the casino, such as at 10 am weekdays, allows me to increase my hourly rate quite a bit compared to playing at 12 midnight when the casino is busy after the pubs empty in Dublin. If I log on and see the casino is busy, I know the dealer may only spin once every 3 or 4 minutes, which lowers my hourly rate quite a bit, as during off peak hours you can expect a spin around once every minute. So if it is entertainment you are after, by all means log on during casino busy times, but if you want to get in, make some cash and get out, stick to daytime hours during the week.

Dublinbet Bonuses

Like with many online casinos, as an extra incentive, new players are given free cash bonuses on their initial deposit as well as enhanced playing power which offers them better odds for a win. You will need to read the terms carefully that are offered with your bonus though, as you’ll be required to play a certain number of times before you can cash it out. Personally this has never worried me, because my systems typically require I play every game, but if you are playing a system where you only bet when a certain set of specifics are in place, you could be waiting a long time to cash out. When it comes to bonuses Dublinbet may not be the most generous casino online, but they are pretty much in line with all the other big players.

When you make an initial deposit, you can take a 100% bonus up to 100 euros – so if you decide to deposit 50 euros Dublinbet will match that giving you 100 euros to play with. The site also has special deals with certain payment processors, for example, if you make your first deposit with NETeller, you can claim half of any losses back. Making an initial deposit with Skrill will get you a 100% matched bonus up to 200 euros.To get this bonus, you will need to use the code MONEY200 on signup, and full details can be found on the Dublinbet site. The site also offers a number of promos at various times of the year, plus daily bonuses of 15% on all deposits. Just remember when accepting a bonus in any casino, you will have to play the full amount through before you can cash it out, so read the small print and terms carefully. Another great offer is Dublinbet will pay you EUR 50 for every friend you refer, so if you have plenty of pals that like to gamble this can add up to a nice chunk of change.

Dublinbet Demo Mode

If you are not ready to, or don’t want to risk your cash you can choose to play at Dublinbet only in demo mode. In the case of roulette this is limited to 30 minutes play, though after your half hour is up, you can log straight back in and start another session immediately on the same table if you wish. The great thing about the Dublinbet demo mode is you are paying exactly as you would if you were to switch to real money. This means you can try out new systems and methods till you are satisfied you have a good chance of winning, without worrying you will be switched to another form of play as soon as you put your money on the table.

Dublinbet review

Dublinbet offers a great opportunity to practice new systems with its live wheel demo play mode

Dublinbet Review Summary

So why do I like Dublinbet so much? Is it the amazing unique online experience it offers that makes me feel I am in a real life casino? Is it the fact I can get a bonus every time I make a deposit? Is it because I like receiving my winnings without a problem in a very timely fashion? Well, as much as I like all these factors, and they certainly add to my enjoyment of gambling online. But the real reason I like Dublinbet so much is because I win at Dublinbet. It is as simple as that. As a professional gambler, at the end of the day it is my bottom line that is important – it’s important that I have plenty of money over after paying my bills so I can enjoy my life and spend time with people I like and doing things I care about.

Can I win here on a regular basis and will I get paid when I withdraw? That’s all it boils down to when I decide if an online casino is right for me.

If you like the sound of Dublinbet, click here or on one of the banners on the right hand side of the page and give it a try in demo mode.