How to Play Dublinbet Demo – Tutorial For Dublinbet Download

Are you looking for a tut on how to play Dublinbet demo or looking for a Dublinbet download? Unlike other online casinos, Dublinbet actually does not require you download anything to your PC with annoying pop ups or nudges for you to fund your account every half hour, so there is no Dublinbet download as such. The site uses a simple Java script application which will load in a new window every time you wish to play. Nothing is actually installed on your PC. There is also an HTML5 based app for those who wish to play on a Mac or tablet.

Dublinbet is my online casino of choice. The site was established in 2005, though I did not start using it until about 2008.

The Dublinbet website streams live feeds 24/7 from the Fitzwilliam Casino & Card Club which can be found in the city centre of  Dublin, Ireland, and more recently you can also play over a live stream for 12 hours a day from The Palace Casino in Douglas, on the Isle of Man. 

The reason I prefer playing at Dublinbet over any other online casino, is after many hours of testing (and I am talking about hundreds of hours here) is because when tsting a new system, or going back to playing one of my older methods, I find my results quite consistent with no noticeable difference if I am playing a demo wheel or the real live wheel.

I honesty cannot say that for any other online casino, apart from a couple of others I have since discovered that either use the same software to stream live from Dublin, or one I like because it has very low table limits that is located in Cyprus.

If you have been playing for any length of time at online casinos, no doubt you will have found the same – you get great results when playing the demo versions, but things change dramatically when you move onto the paid tables. Not so with Dublinbet.

However, I have had quite a few emails from players who have trouble locating how to play the demo version at Dublinbet, or looking for a Dublinbet download, when it isn’t actually necessary to download any software to your machine or device, so here is a quick tutorial with screenshots.

How to Play at Dublinbet Demo

First click on this link to go to Dublinbet.

You will see the following on your screen:

Dublinbet demo1

Click on one of the locations indicated by the arrows or where it says “Play Now” and the following will come up:

Dublinbet demo2


If your browser Java installation s out of date, you will be asked to update it first. Once this is done, you will see a window as shown in the screenshot above. Click run.

After around 30 seconds (depending on the speed of your internet connection) a new window will open:

Dublinbet demo3

Do not sign into your account if you have one, but rather click on “Try Our Demo”. This option appears to be grayed out which is where confusion probably arises for some players.

Once you have clicked on the demo option, you will be able to select the table you prefer depending on the stakes you wish to play – just like when playing live.

With Dublinbet demo you have 500 units to play with – the only downside is after 30 mins you will be logged out, so if you want to carry on with your testing for longer periods, you will need to log in again.

You can read more here about why I prefer Dublinbet to other online casinos.