How to Win Roulette – Start Here

antoniaSo you want to know how to win roulette?

Firstly you should know there is no winning roulette strategy that will allow you to win every session, every time. Well actually, I believe there may be, because no problem can exist without a solution, but I do not know it, as yet.

Besides, if there was a method that worked and it got leaked, casinos would have go out of business, and I definitely do not want that. However, even though I do not have the holy grail of winning methods, I do have a number of roulette strategies I use to win on a regular basis, plus tips and tricks that I am willing to share that will help you also win on a regular basis.

Learning to win roulette on a consistant level to the point I was able to give up my full time job as a restaurant manageress took me around 12 years. But for almost three years now, I have made a very nice living purely from playing online roulette. I imagine you do not want to wait 12 years to give up your grotty day job, or perhaps you are in an even more serious position where you do not have a day job and need to get a bit of cash coming in. Whatever your situation, the information on this site will have you up and running and winning the game of roulette many more times than you lose providing you keep your head and follow the systems properly.

To show you how to start on this site and begin to learn the steps needed to win roulette, I will assume you are a beginner who has no idea how to start, and no luck winning at roulette in the past.

Before learning how to win roulette, I suggest you first learn how not to win roulette by reading my post on the still much used Martingale system. Never ever try this system. You will lose your money! I am amazed people still seem to be using this system that will have the shirt off your back in no time. Believe me, casinos LOVE Martingale players.

You may also be interested in reading my post on the Labouchere system. This is another popular  system I do not recommend if you want to win roulette – but at least it has more merits than the Martingale, and sometimes can be helpful.

live roulette dublinbetOnce you have learned how not to win roulette, it is time to move on to a more interesting post detailing a winning roulette strategy. However, before you go running off to your nearest land-based casino, or login to an online casino, I suggest you read my post on where you should play roulette and why.

Before you start to play any roulette games for cash, I strongly recommend you start out on the demo tables at Dublinbet. You should also watch the YouTube videos I have made on the site to get the most from my roulette tips, and to make sure you know the roulette system you are about to use as well as possible to avoid errors when playing online roulette for real money.

If you have any questions, use the contact page. I will get back to you as soon as possible, but it will usually be a few days as this site is basically a hobby site. I also recommend you sign up for my free newsletter by submitting your details on the right. This way you know when I publish a new winning roulette strategy.

Don’t believe people who say you cannot make a living playing Roulette. You just have to make some strict rules for yourself and stick to them. Once you know how, it is easy!

Watch me win over EUR 25 in under 20 mins. With less than 2 hours of split play a day, you can make a good living.

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